In an era where data privacy and security are top priorities for any organization, vulnerability assessment becomes a quintessential requirement for safeguarding all the information accessible via any technically superior medium. At WebSecure, we offer you the best vulnerability assessment solutions to help you safeguard your organisation from external security threats.

Vulnerability assessment is a comprehensive and systematic scanning process that analyses the entire system/ network by employing numerous validation techniques in order to pinpoint the existing vulnerabilities anywhere within. This is chiefly centered on finding the particular loopholes which are currently active and open for exploitation in the system.

Vulnerability assessments can be of several types. These include:

Host assessment – This involves assessing critical servers that may be vulnerable if not adequately tested.
Network and wireless assessment – This involves assessing the practices and policies in order to prevent unauthorized access to private or public networks, as well as network-accessible resources.
Database assessment – This involves assessing the databases or big data systems for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, identifying insecure dev/test environments and rogue databases, and classifying sensitive data across an organization’s infrastructure.
Application scans – This involves the identification of security vulnerabilities in web applications and their source code through automated scans on the front-end or static/dynamic analysis of source code.

The process of vulnerability assessment involves the use of automated testing tools, aimed at identifying threats and the risks posed by them. Security vulnerabilities can enable malicious external elements to easily gain access to IT systems and applications, thus resulting in a major data security breach.

Vulnerability testing draws attention towards specific situations before those eyeing on them can take advantage. The process helps locate the vulnerabilities and then classify and remediate them, helping organizations and individuals to improve the security of their IT systems and precious data.

In order to ensure the optimal security of IT systems and data, it is advised that vulnerability assessment be employed on a regular basis, especially when there are changes in the internal IT structure, such as the installation of new devices, the opening of new ports, addition of new services, etc.