Vulnerability scanning is the first step in the process of thoroughly examining a system or network for any existing or potential vulnerabilities. The process involves assessing, mitigating and reporting on any security vulnerabilities that exist in an organisation's systems and/or software.

Vulnerability Scanning identifies and creates an inventory of all the systems (including desktops, laptops, servers, virtual machines, firewalls, containers, switches, and printers) connected to a network. For each device identified, the process is aimed at identifying the operating system it runs on and the software installed on it, along with other attributes such as open ports and user accounts.

While a software or device might have a large number of vulnerabilities, we, at WebSecure, get into every nook and corner of their systems to identify each of these loopholes by employing vulnerability scanner. Being aware of what’s wrong and where can put your company a step ahead of malicious elements. Advancing on this vision, WebSecure offers its clients an exclusive vulnerability scanner facility, to enable them in setting up automated daily, weekly or monthly scans that look for vulnerabilities which can be exploited, depending upon the requirement and security level of the entity in question, thus enhancing the data security of your organisation.