“A job is how you make money. A career is how you make your mark. A calling is how you acknowledge a higher vision, whatever it may be.”
If one chooses their job wisely, the one that they love, they never need to work a single day in their life. This is so because when you have the knack for what you do to earn your bread and butter, you tend to excel at it without much effort and it all goes by smoothly. This is exactly the mantra that we as an organization believe in strongly - choosing and placing the right people in the right role. So, if you are a techie mind and your calling in life is essentially everything related to coding and advanced technological mechanism, then WebSecure is the ideal place for you to be.

At WebSecure, a leading vulnerability assessment firm, we value the raw technical know-how along with the skill to employ those skills in the best possible manner at the most suitable place. Our organization provides you with the right platform to learn and grow at a steady pace alongside the growth of the company and convert yourself into a valuable resource for the future.

What We Look for?

• Aptitude for the role selected for
• Desire to keep learning
• Flexibility to mould skills with changing requirements
• Advanced Knowledge about the domain
• Required experience in the field
• Team player along with leadership qualities
• Good passion about all things technology related

What Candidates Can Expect?

• Best-in-industry compensation
• Attractive incentives and annual bonus with excellent annual appraisal
• Consultancy by experts to enhance skills with latest updates
• Medical and other benefits as per salary division
• Healthy Environment where employees are valued
• Ample opportunities to grow ahead swiftly in future
• Working closely with recognized brand names